T This applies especially to digital transformation: In teaching and research, the Uni-versities of Applied Sciences are closely interlinked with their regional and urban environment and also with international partners. They bring the current state of science to effect locally, and at the same time they learn co-creatively from companies, from social, cultural or state organizations, from citizens' initiatives and associations. New ways of doing this are "Design Thinking" and "Co-Working", implemented in an exemplary manner by the internationally renowned projects of the "Innovative University" competition. 

Their researchers have a wealth of practical professional experience and therefore cooperate intensively with businesses, culture and society. They take up ideas and questions from their environment and form an incubator for innovative products and services – close to practice and across traditional subject boundaries. University of Applied Sciences for all - that means every campus is a biotope for creative forces and a springboard into the future for courageous start-ups.