W We aim to preserve our wonderful landscapes and valuable livelihoods, conserve resources and protect the environment. This is why our Universities of Applied Sciences are working intensively on groundbreaking, digitally optimized production processes in agriculture, energy production, trade and industry. The projects include resource-saving recycling management, innovation-driven climate protection and intelligent climate change adaptation. With our world-leading and practical solutions, we advance the considerate treatment of humans, animals and nature in our economy.

The ecological systems intelligence of the 21st century is based on practice-oriented, applied sciences. Our Universities of Applied Sciences educate the urgently needed specialists for the booming bio-economy. They teach and conduct research in highly attractive fields of study such as "climate change management", "climate-neutral energy systems", "environmental technology", "biotechnology", "bioprocess informatics", "biobased materials" or "agribusiness". The applied life sciences are pioneering for lived sustainability, resource efficiency, climate protection and biodiversity for the benefit of all.